A Designer Was Born

My Story

For about a decade my hobbies had included spending my free time teaching myself basic graphic design - I had fallen in love with learning and designing. Bam !! That’s it !! What if I... Could I ?? 

The love affair continued; but with new purpose; real purpose. With this new avenue I felt liberated - I could actually change the world with my message and with donations to causes that I believe in. I knew I wouldn’t change the whole world, not even a little bit of the world, but maybe just a piece of it. 
That piece became my peace. 

Thank you for stopping by - I hope you find something you like; but moreover, I hope you find your peace.

MT Ess #GGBMT #FedUpFrannie 
#bethechange #beyourself #befierce


  • MT Ess

    Thanks for your friendship and encouragement Pam – I’m just getting started !!! Peace and love. MT

  • Pam Jaynes

    Wow!!! So proud of my Friend. Being with you in “Low Places”, as Garth sang, to see where you are now…amazing!!! We may be on different sides of the aisle, but still proud to call you Friend!!! You Go Girl!!!

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