GGBMT Reviews

GGBMT Reviews


"I just received it yesterday and I love it!! The whole process went smoothly. Thanks so much for following up with me. Have a great weekend!!"


"Hey I got your t-shirt thank you for it! It so cute lol and I like the song too!"


"I just got them yesterday. I will post pics soon. They are awesome."


"I received 2 mugs today. I love them! Thanks again!"


"He got it, he likes it, that is all that matters..thanks for the heads-up, are the best!"


"Really love my new clothes! I"ll post pictures soon!"


"Yes! They are cute! Plan on taking a picture and postings today! Thanks again!"


"I Like it!"


"The process was good, and I like the merchandise. So Salty is nice quality, flattering fit. Little flower halter is fun vacation top. Thank you! I was pleased that I looked “decent” in it. I’m broader in the chest and shoulders and it fit nicely. The cut around armholes was good, didn’t pinch or over expose. It’s cropped, so I’ll wear with high waisted shorts."


"It looks exactly like it showed, and fits."


"Thanks again !! IT came really fast and for that, I appreciate it!!! XOXOXO"


"Thank you! They were a big hit for Fathers day! My husband and son love them! Oh of course! They wear them proudly! I love them! Thank you! My son opened it, read it, laughed and while putting it on said, 'This is awesome!' And my husband too."


"Thank you very much for creating that for me! I really appreciate it!"


"I got my Rise Up cup from MT Ess. I will display it proudly with the woman that I admire."


"Just got my shipping notice and I’m giddy like a school girl!"


"Awesome stuff, love the artistic graphics, keep it up."

"MT is great to work with. Good designs, friendly, and timely!"

"These rock! I'm loving the statements. The skill is obvious."

"Keep up the good work - awesome."

"I absolutely love MT's designs! Her products are quality made too!"